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Begging on January 1 2018, anyone under the age of 21 will be required to have certificate from the State to operate a vessel. The age limit will increase by five years every year so in 2019, it will be required for anyone 25 or younger and so on. In order to become qualified, you will have to pass an approved .boating safety course. The US Power Squadron is one of the approved organizations. The BSPS will be putting on a basic boating safety class - ABC - in the near future so please check this site from time to time. You can get more information by going to: 

General Membership Meeting

Next GMM will be Thursday July 20 with the usual starting time of 6:00pm, dinner at 7:00. It will be held at the Chicken Coup located at 414 Old Newport blvd. in Newport Beach which is near the intersection of Hospital Road. Please note: you will order off the menu but it is cash only; no checks or credit cards. If we can get 20 people or more, there is a good chance we can use the upstairs room which affords more privacy, so do your best to make it. It would help if you let me know if you are attending. And, as always, bring friends or guest. If you are not a member of BSPS, you are welcome to join us. Dinner is on us! 

Dinghy Cruise Newport Harbor - August 5th 

Our next harbor cruise is scheduled for the first Saturday in August. However, it turns out  District will be holding a cruise in Oceanside that same weekend with some people boating down on Friday. It would be a great opportunity to spend time with some of our fellow USPS members from the other Squadrons. You can either bring your boat down or just drive to Oceanside on Saturday and join in the BBQ. As a result, you now have a choice, but for planning purposes I would appreciate it if you let me know which one you plan on attending. 

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One of the most frightening things that can happen on a boat is fire. In a recent issue in Boat US magazine, there is a story about a couple sailing across the Sea of Cortez who experienced a fire which left them in the water with second and third degree burns hanging onto a fender and watching their boat go up in flames. Fortunately, they were rescued by a passing fishing boat. It serves as a reminder how important it is to prepare for such an emergency.

According to studies done by Boat US, you have perhaps four minutes to put out the fire or get into the water. In that time, you need to locate  and put on your life jackets, make a Mayday call, grab a ditch bag or whatever supplies you will need; e.g. radio, water, supplies, flares, etc., and get into your life boat. That is not much time so being prepared and having a plan is essential. 

I have done hundreds of vessel safety exams and I can't tell you how often people don't have the required number of fire extinguishers, or have ones that may not work. In some cases, they didn't even know where they were!

So please, make sure your extinguishers are in good working order, have them mounted so you can locate them quickly, and have a few extra just in case. 

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